Hi Guys,

I am setting up my new build which comprises of the following:

i5 4690K
G.Skill Trident X 2x8GB

The issue, or more like a irritant for me is that the supplied drivers on the MoBo DVD seem to be at odds with supposedly latest version on the Gigabyte website.

The differences observed are as below:

Intel(R) HD Graphics Driver (Win7/W8 x64)
DVD: Version: Size:337.52MB
Website: Intel VGA Driver 116.75 MB 2015/09/16
(Are HD and VGA drivers different? Which one do I need? Should I install both?)

Realtek HD Audio Driver
DVD: Version:R3.97(7266) Size:587.76MB
Website: Realtek HD Audio Driver R3.94 216.93 MB 2014/07/01
(Website has lower version!!?? Which one should I install?)

Intel(R) Network Connections Software
This release includes software and drivers for Intel(R) PRO/100

DVD: Version:19.1 Size:149.65MB
Website: Intel LAN Driver 18.8 74.38 MB 2014/05/02
(Website has lower version!!?? Or are they different? Which one should I install?)

Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager (64)
DVD: Version: Size:102.76MB
Website: 102.24 MB 2014/05/02
(Website seems to be higher version, but the version numbering seems to be very different. Which one to install?)
(Also, this Mobo has both Intel and Killer Ethernet. Should I install driver for any 1 or for both?)

Marvell GSATA AHCI Driver
DVD: Version: Size:2.26MB
Website: Marvell SATA Controller Driver 0.27 MB 2014/04/30
(Website has older version!!??)
Also there is MarvellŪ Storage Utility 41.82 MB 2014/04/30 on website, but not on DVD. Should I install?)

I guess that is a long list of questions. Sorry about that. Any help in clearing these confusions will be greatly appreciated.