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Thread: F7 Bios on Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK Cooks my I5-4690K

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    Question F7 Bios on Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK Cooks my I5-4690K

    New install, put it together worked fine. Ran Prime 95 fine. Set up cpu Vcore to 1.25v, Set CPU Clock Ratio to 44, nothing else. Ran prime for over an hour no errors, max temp 75 C. I'm using a Corsair A50 cooler and it seems to be doing just fine. All looked good.
    Then I noticed my Bios was F6 and F7 was available so I loaded it with no problems, rebooted, set optimized defaults, rebooted, reset my Vcore to 1.25, and clock ratio to 44, ran prime and stopped the test after a few minutes when temp passed 85 C. Went back set it to plain optimized bios, no bios changes, and temps hit 82 C in 9 minutes running prime 95. I cleared CMOS, loaded optimized defaults again and the same thing happened. If I'd let it run for an hour I really don't know how hot it would have gotten.

    Because I experienced no errors, it was only because I was monitoring the temps did I see this problem, which could have cooked my CPU.

    So short of returning my motherboard is there anything that might fix this problem?

    If I return my motherboard for another UD5 will the same thing happen if Bios F7 installed?

    If another Bios update after F7 is released for some new problem will it contain the same new processor support and produce the same problem?

    I submitted this to Gigabyte yesterday and am still waiting an answer.

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    Default Re: F7 Bios on Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK Cooks my I5-4690K

    Welcome to FMA3, I assume you have been using Prime95 v28.5 or later.
    200+GFLOPS don't come without heat, run LinX 0.6.5 or later you will see.
    You don't say what CPU cooler you have or what is the ambient temperature.
    And who says you need 1.25v, maybe 1.2-1.21 will do?
    Running Prime95 (as a stress) is not a must. FMA3/AVX can be disabled in Prime95, add the following lines to local.txt before workers

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