Hello i heard there was some Gigabyte rep here so im posting for the first time.

I purchase a gigabyte ud3p 970a with a fx 8300 about 3 week ago.

And their a big problem with the latest bios

1 is the fact that the option TURBO CORE is in reality Multiplier Max setting so disabling it remove overclocking ability......

2 IS THE BIGGEST PROBLEM Motherboard with any setting over 21 multiplier ( turbo )

Says overclocked failed 4200mhz while i was at 4.4 4.5 4.6 it always says 4200mhz the turbo speed seem the board dont understand what he is doing.

Saving and exiting the bios allow to use the setting perfectly well in windows under any test

Talked with some people of overclock.net and one guy THE STILT said this that make sense

Gigabyte most likely programs the voltage offsets in the very latest stages of POST.
FX-8300 is one of the "energy efficient" models, which means that itīs base clock PState (P0) has low clocks and voltage (fuse). FX-8300 CPUs are rated for 3300MHz / 1.075V - 1.2875V (depending on leakage).

If Gigabyte programs the voltage offsets or fixed voltage values to the VRM controller in late stages of POST, it means that the CPU must be able to POST @ 4.4GHz with the default voltage of 1.075V - 1.2875V. Most likely thatīs not going to happen

So most likely it is just a one more addition to their bios bug fest.

Is it possible to fix this? Ill be honest if it was not of money i would return it and get a sabertooth. I wanted to buy a budget [email protected] rigs. And im pretty insulted seing that this motherboard had like 12 bios revision.

Thank you