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Thread: Z87-UD3H and GTX 970 Serious Compatibility Problems

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    Default Z87-UD3H and GTX 970 Serious Compatibility Problems

    I have a serious VGA compatibility problem with Z87-UD3H!
    Everything is going bad when i was changed my Gigabyte GTX 760 to GTX 970. Before that i have a rock solid pc! After that i have a stability issues, random crashing etc. With the oldest F3 bios if i install my vga i got a FAIL on memory stress test, and memory controller test on intel diag tool.
    If i remove my vga everything is fine! Firstly i thought my VGA is bad, but i tried with 3 types of GTX 970 card, and all do the same! I updated the BIOS on the secondary to F10. I dont got any memory controller issue with the intel diag, but i have stability issues with prime95 as well!

    So if i use any kind of gtx 970 on my board is not stable!(memory and memory controller problem) Is there any solution?

    P.S If i remove one of my ram and i using only one slot it looks stable too, (I tried to use different RAM and every slot combination, but its only stable i i use one stick of my 4Gb Corasir Vengeance Pro) Please someone help me, Im fight with this problem more than 6 month ago.
    Official gigabyte support only respond with just the same general bull****, update nvidia drivers and that

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    Default Re: Z87-UD3H and GTX 970 Serious Compatibility Problems

    Jackrip5 You are my man

    I fight a lot with nvlddmkm error from the beginning. I tried almost 30 workarounds and everything, i have a list of it! But this settings definietly has connection to my issue.

    I update my vga gtx760->gtx970 after the first things i noticed is got error code 15 with cold boot, with my crucial 2x4gb tactical tracer. (I have a rock solid settings before. I tested these rams only works with F3 bios and ultra fast boot ON, except ive got the error code 15)

    After I updated my vga, with the crucial rams I always got the 15 error code randomly from cold boot.(with ultra fast boot ON or OFF doesent matter)

    I changed my RAM to Crucial Vengeance Pro 2x4gb, I dont get any 15 error code anymore, but i have stability issues from the beginning with GTX970.

    Yesterday I found this topic(G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD): And I changed PCIE Auto->Gen2, and boom my old crucail RAM started to work again. I made 10 tested cold boot now and i dont get the error code 15, with my old crucial ram!

    I have a lot of problem with this board , the only reason i kept is the build quality is good, and the aesthetics looks really
    nice imho.!

    So Jackrip5 Thanks again! I hope error code 15, and nvlddmkm errors gone forever. And i hope i gain more stability with this setting
    Read more: G1.SNIPER Z87 random BSOD

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