I have a Z170X SOC Force motherboard, running 3 x M.2 drives in a Raid setup, using the onboard Intel RST Raid Controller that comes with the board. So far every time I have done a Bios update to the board, it causes the raid to lose its configuration and one of the drives always then becomes a non member disk. The only way to then fix it, is to delete the corrupted raid and create a new one and then reinstall. There is a utility called Testdisk, that is meant to restore the raid, but it fails to do so on this board. I keep backups of my both my system and data, so restoring everything is just a matter of restoring from backup and I'm up and running, but it is becoming a pain, having to do so for every bios update.

Is anyone else that is using either the same model board as I am, or any Gigabyte Z170X board that has the same Intel RST Raid controller onboard, experiencing the same issue with their raid setups, when updating the bios? If so is there any workaround to not having it stuff up the raid after an update, or should this issue be reported to Gigabyte and have them fix it ?