i have an wifi issue with my gigabyte p35x v3. i dont know why but whenever i play a steam game such as dota or CSGO, there are these lag issue. when i play dota or watch a game in dota, ocassionally i get these random teleportation of the heroes movement. when i move the hero across the map, from time to time the hero and other moving objects in the game "teleport" a short distance. i consider this to be some lag issue. same as for CSGO and other online games.

the frame rate is fine at a constant 120fps and the wifi speed is constant at 1.6mb/p (tested by speedtest.net). i know its not the location of the house because i gamed in my room and then tried the lounge room which was closer to the modem and the issue still persisted. this happens everytime i use my wifi. if i wanted to get a better connection, id have to use my phone and usb tether the wifi.

This is the second time thats happened since ive got a replacement before and still experienced the same thing. ive updated all the wifi drivers and still no improvement.

my wifi card is the default that gigabyte had. i.e intel wireless ac dual band 7260 or something like that.

web browsing and watching large videos on youtube are fine but its just this gaming issue.

Hope you guys can help!