Using Windows 10. F7 BIOS had no problems when using handbrake to convert GoPro Videos. After updating to F8, during encoding. My temps were fine but I kept crashing ONLY when encoding videos otherwise it is fine. It gets a WHEA UNCORRECTABLE. As a result I am totally UNABLE to encode videos to upload to Youtube. File sizes are not big but are in 1080p and not long videos. Before I was able to encode 100s of videos and my backlog is stacking up a lot and I cannot do anything. I am using i7 4790k and with 16gb memory, 256 ssd and no overclock. Water cool. Before F8 Bios I was able to encode for 1-2 weeks non stop 24/7 videos even while surfing the net and using visual studio and photoshop with NO problems and ising VPN and also capturing video with 10-12 Firefox pages, IE browser open about 20+ and Chrome with 20+ extensions running PostMan API testing and Eclipse as well. Please help. This is not good.