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Thread: Gaming 7 - Bios doesn't recognize SSD's.

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    Default Gaming 7 - Bios doesn't recognize SSD's.

    MB GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 bios f6
    CPU Intel I7-6700
    OS Win 7
    Memory Coursair Vengance 3000
    PS Coursair 750HX
    Samsung 850 EVO, WD Raptor

    After solving memory problem (bent pin in cpu socket), I found that the bios would not recognize the SSD but would recognize the Raptor. This is using the sata III from the PCH. Interestingly, the SSD was recognized when plugged into an Asmedia sata port.

    I just starting to get familiar with the bios so hopefully I'm doing something wrong. All suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Gaming 7 - Bios doesn't recognize SSD's.

    I have the same hard drive as yourself , when i installed win10 last week i didnt seem to have problems with the board recognizing the the drive ( its in one of the intel sata ports on the lower bank ) , this was with bios f5 , sorry i wish i could help you more ...
    I have my own problems with this board so i know how frustrating these problems can be if i was i rich i would just buy a different board atm, as i been fed up with the different bugs i've been encountering ,

    Although i'm up and running now after a RMA im still having problems with a continuous beeping , for no reason , all temps,voltage,fans are in order and everything running in a default state but yet i have this happen at least 3 times a day , a restart stops it ,plus i'm not the only one this is happening too .

    From searching around the net there seems to be many many end users with problems with this board , eg, ram ,posting, bios bugs and stability to name a few and hard drive recognizing, i've have read other posts somewhere with someone with this problem the same as yourself , one can only hope that as time passes things will get better with future bios update ,, figgers crossed

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