After upgrading to bios F7, when using PCIE4, my PCIE1_1 and PCIE1_2 get disabled. I've tested with different kinds of cards and different operating systems and confirmed the issue exists across the board. Once I power down my system and remove what was installed in the PCIE4 slot, PCIE1_1 and PCIE1_2 start working again. Using a video card in the PCIE16 slot for all tests performed. Problem didn't start until after upgrading to bios F7 and now I'm unable to downgrade the bios. Was previously on F4 which did not experience this issue. Anyone else have this trouble or have a solution to change the bios as Gigabyte has the bios configured to not allow older bios's to be flashed. I've submitted a support ticket with Gigabyte last week but thought I would leverage the support forms and see if others have experienced this or have any fix\hack that I can try. I've already tried the FPT tool with no luck including trying to update from within the bios. Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated as I need all my PCIE slots to work properly. Thanks in advance !!