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Thread: Question about CPU Upgrade vs Performance Upgrade in BIOS

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    Default Question about CPU Upgrade vs Performance Upgrade in BIOS

    Just recently built a machine with a Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7(F6 bios ver) + i7 6700k. I have never done anything with overclocking, but I'm trying to learn, so be gentle :)

    -What is the difference between CPU Upgrade and Performance Upgrade?
    -If I utilize CPU Upgrade and pick a higher clock for the CPU, what does the mean for memory clock? If I only use CPU Upgrade and don't do anything with memory, is that holding back my system?
    -If I use either option (CPU or Performance) what does that mean for setting the XMP profile? Is XMP still in play with overclocking?
    -And finally, am I better off overclocking manually vs using the bios options?

    Thanks for any and all answers. I tried googling for this stuff, searching this forum, and reading reviews, but couldn't find anything concrete.


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    Default Re: Question about CPU Upgrade vs Performance Upgrade in BIOS

    I am not completely certain but I'm pretty sure that CPU Upgrade only deals with upping your processor's speed and doesn't touch the rest of the system and Performance upgrade applies a percentage across the board and will up your CPU's speed and your memory speed.

    you wouldn't choose the CPU Upgrade option and then modify any settings after that or you'd basically be switching to manual overclocking - so why use the CPU Upgrade option at all?

    XMP profile can be set on or off no matter which option you set and is independent of them.

    And finally, yes - manual overclocking always ends up having the best results but requires the most time - but if you want to learn about how your system works and overclocking in general you will need to go down the manual route.

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