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Thread: Plz Help "what is the 67 * 62 * 63 error for z170x g1

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    Default Plz Help "what is the 67 * 62 * 63 error for z170x g1

    in the name of GOD
    hi guys
    in frist my English lang is Weak so forgive me if i cant type true or.... :)
    i buy a z170x gaming g1 main becuse i realy like giga brand, i set the 6700k and replce it in the socketT when i try'd turn on the pc i have problem with the debuger and it's show me error of 67 and the 62 and then 63 and boOm!!!! the pc will restart
    i read a manul note of main and its say the error of 62-67 is cpu DXE initialization is started
    but sometime arror is change and debuger show 32-36 so its in note is say cpu PEI initialization
    i try all of the thing gon in my head, change the ram slots, remove all divce, take of the battry for 1 hour, clear cmos the button, check the heat of cpu, chane the power supply, change the ram brand even i take up the cpu and try to turn on the pc and ......
    it test the cpu in asrock z170x exterme 4 and Wow, system is turn on very nice
    so what can i do? :)

    my pc confic
    6700k- L5226b241
    z170x gaming g1
    32 gig ram ddr4 2400 vengence
    coolermaster Nepton 120XL
    adeta sx930 480 gig
    enermax 1200 revoltion +87

    why i don't can type any thing or i can't write a post!!!!
    gigabyte user i try with 16 gig ram and steel my problem awake :)
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    Default Re: Plz Help "what is the 67 * 62 * 63 error for z170x g1

    try with 16gb ram only

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