Hi all,

I've just bought a BRIX 4010 (the i3 model) along with Kingston 240GB mSATA SSD and some 8GB Crucial DDR3 (1.35v).

I put it all together, plugged in the power and all the thing does is blink at me! Power LED flashes every 4 seconds and that's it. It starts doing this as soon as the power is plugged in, and pressing the button makes no difference.

I've re-seated everything, tried with no components added, just the RAM, just the SSD, even tried clearing the CMOS and it's always the same.

I took the unit completely out of it's case and the CPU fan never spins.

Aside from the power LED, it looks DOA. I can't find anyone else that's experienced this and the manual doesn't contain anything about LED meaning.

Any ideas?