Hey tweaktown!

So I was doing a build and I'm dumb and put the wrong screw in the motherboard and it got kinda stuck in there. I had to use some pilers to remove it.

I MAY have damaged this super super small component. It's so little I can't really tell. Sorry the picture sucks. I can barely even see it with my eyes.


I haven't had a chance to do a system install or anything, but the board POSTs fine and detects everything and everything seems OK so far.

If I could find a super high-res image of this mobo (GA-Z170-UD5) I could probably compare and maybe tell if I really did smash it or not. Google image isn't giving me much; I need much higher res than the stuff I'm finding.

What is this thing? A little diode? How worried should I be? Any way to find out what subsystem it may be part of? Sounds like a pain in the ass to get a new board, especially since I already did the build and the heatsink install and all that. And I'm not even sure if I broke it. But I don't want to be setting myself up for random problems down the road either.

Any thoughts?