This m/b only has One M.2 Socket and runs one 950pro at about 600mb/s.
I now have two PCIE M.2 Adapters ( Addonics ADM2X4 ) for the two 950pro's.
In the Main PCIE Socket one of the 950pro's runs at about 1200/mb/s.
In the Secondary Pcie socket the other 950pro runs at about 900mb/s.
So I thought the GA-H97-Gaming 3 would let me Raid these two drives.
But I can't get the Bios to Recognise these Drives.
It looks like the Raid is only for Sata Connected SSD's, and that I may need a different m/b.
And trying to find a socket 1150 m/b that supports Two M.2 Ultra with both at 4 lanes is hard to find.
I have adjusted the bios by the book and it attempts to boot into raid but tells me there are no supported HDD's.
Any help would be appreciated