My(relevant) specs:

MOBO- Gigabyte Z97-HD3 Rev.2.1 intel1150

CPU- intel i5-4690K

GPU- Gigabyte Radeon R9 380 4Gb

PSU- Corsair CX750M

SSD- Samsung EVO 250Gb Internal

HDD-Western Digital 500Gb

Monitor- Westinghouse 32" LCD flat screen TV/Monitor

OS- Windows 10 64 Bit

My issue began after the fresh install onto my SSD. As soon as my Radeon drivers updated my display green screened.
This happened on the HDMI connection. The VGA to DVI-D connector from my monitor to the DVI-D port on my GPU
gets a No Signal.
I've disabled the onboard graphics in bios, tried another HDMI cable and monitor to no avail.

Have I missed a BIOs setting? Looked everywhere for answers even under my chair
Why the green screen? I know Windows is running in background.
Also, why is my 500Gb HDD not detected? Double checked connections!