Not certain if you shold ask these things here or some other part of the forum?

I have a GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD3P-B3 and at the moment I'm running a i3-3220T in it so haven't really had any reason to go any deeper into the BIOS settings concerning overclocking. But I'm getting a i5-3570K this week and have been looking for information about the optimum settings when trying to get to most out of your CPU.

I've watched this guide on YouTube to get the basics -

The steps they suggest are:

1. Optimized Default - Reboot

2. Advanced Memory Settings - System Memory Multiplier (SPD) - 1066 MHz alt. 1333 MHz (I have 1600 MHz Memory)

3. Performance Enhance - Normal or Disable

4. DRAM Timing Selectable - Quick (Not Expert)

5. Channel A Timing Settings - Channel A Standard Timing Control (will check my memory for this):

CAS Latency -

tRCD -

tRP -

tRAS -

Command Rate (tCMD) -

6. Vcore Loadline Calibration - Extreme - (I think my BIOS have the values 1-10 - Going to try out different values, but maybe there is some values that usually works better?)

7. DRAM Voltage (CH A/B) - 1.500V

8. CPU Vcore - (Not sure what the default Vcore is on a i5-3570K so will have to see what BIOS says)

CPU Vcore - Default - Lower Vcore and stability test with CPU-Z & OCCT (30min) - Repeat until lowest stabil Vcore for stock speed is found. For 24/7 overclock more stress testing is needed.

But I'm wondering about a few BIOS settings, and my goal is to get the most out of the CPU while still keeping the computer as quiet as possible so any settings that might help with stability and keep the heat down as much as possible is of interest. I guess that's true in most cases though.

This is the settings I've found and think might be useful to me, might have missed some though (I've borrowed this from the "Gigabyte BIOS Templates (To Give Us Your Settings)" topic).

Advanced CPU Features
Internal CPU PLL Overvoltage··········[Auto]
Intel(R) Turbo Boost Tech.············[Auto]


Advanced Voltage Settings

Multi-Steps Load-Line·················[Disabled]
QPI/Vtt Voltage···············1.050V··[Auto]
System Agent Voltage (VccSA)··0.920V··[Auto]

CPU PLL·······················1.800V··[Auto]

Would appreciate any help I can get with this. :)