Hi everybody !
I am preparing a PC to be mounted into a custom arcade cabinet.
I wanted a full customizaton so I searched how to change the BIOS logo.
Thats how I found Face Wizard. I read that flashing directly from Face Wizard has a huge chance to brick the MoBo.

So I followed this procedure :
- Saved my original BIOS to a USB drive using QFlash.
- Loaded this file and my picture into Face Wizard.
- Saved the "edited" BIOS to my drive using the "Save" button.
- Flashed it using Q FLASH.

But in fact, the "Save" button didn't anything.
When I booted the original (and ugly) logo was still here.
To check why I loaded the "edited" BIOS file into FaceWizard... and the shown logo didn't even change!

So my question is : how can I do to get a real edited BIOS with my logo?? (It's not my logo since it's successfully loaded into FW)

Thanks ! ;)
(Sorry for my bad English I'm french and 13 yo!)