I have a GA-Z77X-UD3H (rev. 1.1) and my corsair void isn't recognized as 8 channel. The support at corsair said it should and that it was a audio driver problem, recommended that I upgrade to the latest audio drivers.So i go on gigabyte and look and its this one:Audio Version Size Date Download HereVIA audio driver(Note: please reflash the latest BIOS before update VIA audio driver) v11.0300c 185.23 MB 2014/01/21However... it tells me to use the latest BIOS. I go to check the latest BIOS and its a beta BIOS.I assume thats the latest one? But then i come on here and read all the horrible things about BETA bios... and i dont really want to upgrade. I'm on F18 currently.Will the new beta bios mess anything up for me? Can I just instal the new audio driver without updating bios?