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Thread: G1.Sniper M3 Boot Loop

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    Default G1.Sniper M3 Boot Loop

    Went to install windows 10 today, so I opened the BIOS to enable secureboot. BIOS (basic view) was messed up with solid color over most of the interface. Exited successfully (could still see Y/N prompts), and re entered BIOS. BIOS was displayed normally, so I thought it was a one-off. Went back in later to check boot order, and the BIOS was messed up again. rebooted a couple of times, and the system started looping.

    Looping is very rapid, fans spin, lights flash and you can hear a click from the speaker (the beginning of the beep?), but then it restarts.

    Jumper reset
    Battery out reset
    Battery out overnight
    disconnecting everything
    Different RAM module/slot combos
    different PSU
    New battery

    Have no spare CPUs to try.

    Anything I'm missing? This one seems pretty bad.

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    Default Re: G1.Sniper M3 Boot Loop

    The only variations I've been able to observe in it's behavior:

    I get the "memory not installed" beep code when I remove the battery, but there is no other beep code.

    When I leave the battery out for an extended period, there is one slightly longer loop before the short looping resumes.

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