So I bought a Z170X-UD3 last weekend in part of a new build; however, I've been having issues with it. What happens is this loop:

1) I boot and can't post; error 62.
2) I restart and I'm able to post and boot into Windows. The screen looks a bit glitchy and then when I get into Windows, drivers are not loaded and my GPU is disabled (error 43 on the GPU).
3) I restart again and everything is fine. I've stresstested, played games, and benchmarked at this point with no issues... At least until I sleep.
4) When waking from sleep mode, the motherboard LED displays code 03 and it does not wake from sleep. I have to turn off and repeat this loop.

This is with a new EVGA SC 1070, new 6600k, old hard drive, and new CPU cooler. I posted here not thinking it's a GPU problem because there's a pattern and it works fine when it work. Originally I was getting error 62 continuously until I updated and reset the bios. All drivers are installed.

Thank you for your help.