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Thread: GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming and Intel 750 400GB SSD on the U.2 port, high CPU usage in windows at idle.

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    Default GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming and Intel 750 400GB SSD on the U.2 port, high CPU usage in windows at idle.

    I have two Intel 750 SSDs. One is connected to the U.2 port. The second is connected to the M.2 port via the Gigabyte U.2 to M.2 adapter. I successfully set up a RAID 0 and installed Windows. But then I noticed High CPU usage at idle. It would not drop below 25%. So I started doing some trouble shooting and to make a long story short (I can go in more detail if needed, lots of reinstalls of windows on different drives), I determined that if either of the drives is connected to the U.2 port, the problem occurs. If I connect either drive to the M.2 port via the U.2 to M.2 adapter, then there is no problem.

    But if I can't connect a drive to the U.2 port, then I can only use one drive, and I can't set up a RAID 0. What can I do to fix this?

    -I updated the firmware on the SSDs.
    -The problem occurs regardless of whether I have Intel Rapid Storage installed in Windows.
    -I updated the BIOS version to F4.
    -I made sure all drivers and updates were installed.
    -I tried flipping switches in the BIOS.
    -It's the "System" Process taking up the resources. Process Explorer tells me the thread is ACPI.SYS

    Thank you this is my first post here. Hopefully someone has an idea. its just so strange because it really is the U.2 Port, but it can't be a bad port or else it shouldn't work at all. but I can't understand why windows is acting so fussy about it.

    I decided to try some more ideas, and I switched my BIOS SATA config from RAID to AHCI and then install windows on the second Intel 750. This way I do not need Intel RST drivers. Now when i boot into Windows, I don't have the problem. So there is something not working right between the board and Intel's RST drivers. Is this a BIOS or driver problem?
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