I'd like to report an issue, where SATA drives don't get mounted initialized, when the following combination is enabled:

- Windows 10 Pro x64 Anniversary Update.
- Intel's RST installed (any version/branch).
- Thunderbolt controller enabled.

First of all, I use an NVMe-based SSD (Samsung 950 Pro) as my boot drive.

The OS takes a very long time to boot, and when it does, none of the SATA drives are available, because the SATA controller doesn't initialize.
If SATA drivers are reinstalled while OS is running, then the SATA drives/partitions get mounted properly.
Unfortunately, that won't survive a reboot.

The following workarounds are available:

- Use default Microsoft's AHCI driver + Thunderbolt controller enabled, or
- Intel RST driver installed + Thunderbolt controller disabled

If anyone is willing to test, please test the scenario described above, and provide feedback.