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Thread: Information on GA-z170x-Ultra Gaming PWM ports and fan use

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    Question Information on GA-z170x-Ultra Gaming PWM ports and fan use

    Hello Forums. Carlos Here..... I just got a these board. BTW is nice well build and I am very surprise what these new models can do. Some info is needed in order to have these done the right way.

    I have no idea how to ask the correct questions or express it so I will try to explain the best I can.

    I have a Captain AIO 360 from DeepCool. The pump is connected it to the CPU fan. The splitter for the 3 fan is connected to the CPU OPT PUMP FAN. I did make test on switching from one to the another, and there no difference. I am ding and doing these right? What is the best way? Since there is NO info on how these PWM ports. what is max amp on the ports. I need to add more fans to intake air. I have room for both 2 140mm also. Since as far I understand where I connect those 2 fans???

    Currently I have 2 jet flow PWM 120mm. One is connected to SYS FAN2 PUMP (bios is on PWM and NORMAL, btw is reading the PCH???) the other one is connected to the Sys Fan3. I read the the review on these website and state that is voltage regulated (these 12volts or 7 or 5 volts? )

    I need to add different fan for the build in order to mold these case I was thinking getting the eloop ones in white. But since there is no way to know what is where I and writing these. I need to add a fan splitter since the eloop use more current. what fan hub I can get? I am asking these since a 2 280 rads are on the way with a PWM pump and I need to know what other parts I need to get.

    I forgot to mention, since my fans spins at Max 2000rpm if I make the change on the bios, there is a difference for spring 12volts and 7 volts or 5 at 2000rpm or these is relation in volts and rpm. since if I move it at full speed I can read max rpm speeds. that is odd.

    The case is a RIO TORO 1280.

    There are a lot of fan hub splitters on the marker. ModmyToys make one of the best but I am open to suggestions and recommendations from the forums. I like the led ones like ML140 but eloop looks and perform better as I read. I hope I can solve these since is weird that modern motherboards like these have this ways. Since I need urgently increase pressure on the case and 4.5hggz oc and 1.35volts the cpu get toasty if correct balance is not do correctly. BTW these ne mobos does not with speed fan if the gigabyte apps are install. do not ask me, I can not do **** with it.

    So here I am asking these questions in order to finalice the orders with suppliers since summer is coming and I need to make these cool. Information on GA-z170x-Ultra Gaming PWM ports and fan use-screen-shot-2016-11-10-7-41-09-am-jpg
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