Help, I have messed up the bios on the Marvell chip controller.

As i was flashing the Marvell controller on the PC the PC died!! now If the controller is enabled via bios the PC will just boot to a black screen.
I now have to force a hard bios reset by holding the power switch etc, so then i am able to get the bios post then go in to the bios and disable the Marvell controller, if i do not enter the bios, the duel bios will kick in and rewrite the main bios file.
Now with the Marvell controller disabled in bios the PC boots and works ok.

Is there any ways to replace it with the file in the main bios, problem is i cant start the pc with the Marvell controller enabled. and with this board it reads the PC post then it will try to update the controller!!.

Please help save this board