Hello TweakTown Community,

Right now I have Gigabyte's G1.Assassin 2 motherboard, with latest BIOS (F13c) and two Gigabyte's GTX 780 working in SLI mode.

Eventually, I'm planning to switch to 2x GTX 1080 (or 2x GTX 1080 Ti if it will be released by that time). As much as I know, GTX 1080 requires Gen. 3 PCI Express slots, which G1.Assassin 2 has. But I'd like to know if somebody can confirm that it is 100% compatible with G1.Assassin 2.

I'm asking it because I already had a sad experience with my GTX 780, when BIOS had problem in recognizing them, until I've updated it to the latest version at that time (it was year 2013). Right now, latest BIOS for G1.Assassin 2 (F13c) has been released at 2014 and since then no updates were released.

So I'd like to know, if I am safe to switch my GTX 780's to GTX 1080's? Or I have to give up on G1.Assassin 2 and move on?