Thanks in advance for your time in reading this.

I bought a MD60-SC0, to go with it I also bought 2 E5-2600 series V4 processors.

Out of the box it appears that the MD60-SC0 only supports V3 processors and requires a BIOS update to allow V4 chips.

It is well advertised that the MD60-SC0 can do BIOS updates over IPMI without CPU/Memory installed. However, everything I read leads me to believe you have to boot into the BIOS to configure IPMI before it can be used for this purpose. I can't get into the BIOS to do this without a V3 CPU (which I don't have).

I've tried connecting to the IPMI, but my network won't see it, even though the port is active. Even tried a direct plug into a laptop and it's still a no go.

I'm asking for either help connecting to the IPMI without configuration, or some way to updated the BIOS to get my V4 processors working.