After buying the Gigabyte Brix S GB-BSi7HT 6500 and doing some tests, here's what I've found:

  • The power supply makes a hissing noise, which varies depending on the load that is applied to the power supply.
  • I can confirm that both the power supply and the case, emit high electric and magnetic fields, which cause me head and chest pain. This is probably because only the bottom of the case is ferromagnetic material, while the sides and the top of the enclosure are merely plastic. The shielding is inexistent.
  • The GB-BSi7HT 6500 claims to have a Thunderbolt port, but on the outside of the case it only says USB3.1.
  • The Asus MB169C+ monitor does not work with the claimed Thunderbolt port (it requires USB-C|DisplayPort Alternate Support).
  • The case is not earthed, making the entire case float. The ground of the DC-in is not linked to earth.

I think it happens with the entire lineup of Asus mini-pcs, and also happens with the Intel Skull NUC NUC6i7KYK, specially the part related to the electric/magnetic fields.