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Thread: Z170X Gamming 5 - Sata Expansion alternatives

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    Question Z170X Gamming 5 - Sata Expansion alternatives


    I have the following hardware

    - Z170X Gamming 5
    - i6700k
    - 32GB
    - 2x Samsung 950 Pro M.2
    - 5x HHD Sata
    - Only One Graphics Card
    - Sound blaster ZxR

    However when connecting the disks m.2 in raid mode I will lose half of the sata ports and I am evaluating two alternatives:

    1.- Buy a PCI-E card to increase SATA ports, however the cheaper cards don't have the same speed as the native Sata ports and also increase the boot time.

    2.- Buy an adapter m.2 to PCI-E like this:

    I don't know if I can do Raid without problems with the adapter M.2 and one of the ports of the board.
    I also don't know if the PCI-E card will cause me to lose native SATA ports.

    Would you help me make a choice?


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    Default Re: Z170X Gamming 5 - Sata Expansion alternatives

    Ok, I already installed everything and when RAID 0 active for the M.2 (samsung 950PRO nvme) disks, I lost 4 of the 6 SATA ports !

    I can see that the M2D port (near the processor) is the one that generates the problem. If I remove the M.2 disk, I can see the lost SATA disks again.
    M2H port disables third PCI-E port

    The first port is occupied with the graphics card.

    What I would like to do is buy an adapter to m.2 like this Asus Accessory Hyper M.2 X4 Mini Card M.2 to 32Gbit/s with PCIE slot flexibility Retail: Computers & Accessories

    This card I want to install on the PCI Express 2 port (assuming PCI Express 1 port will only be 8X).

    My question is if I can rest assured that I can make a raid 0 between a PCIE card and the M2H port.


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