I have gotten an E5 2696v4 CPU. It works on the board but I am unable to overclock it at all. Of course, I understand Xeons are multiplier locked. But I believe can achieve some moderate OC but adjusting the Turbo Boost settings. This CPU has max boost of 37x. However, it just go up to 2.8GHz. IF I try anything higher, it won't even POST. Turbo Boost is definitely work. I tried to disable the cores and clockspeed goes up. The original setting for 22 cores is 28x. But I just can't get anything higher.

It could be CPU but in the MSI forum, one guy has gotten his to 3.7GHz (max boost) on 22 cores. He is using MSI X99A SLI PLUS. So, I am thinking if it could be BIOS related instead.