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Thread: X99 Gaming 5P bios, system agent

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    Default X99 Gaming 5P bios, system agent

    Though it will be evident, let me start by saying i'm clueless about X99s, in the process of doing my reading. Laugh away ^^

    That out of the way, i've noticed the system agent can only go up to +0.600 in manual mode. This is with latest bios, F22.
    (Have seen numerous posts mentioning inputing SA values -for OCing/manually setting RAMs- of 1.2, 1.4, etc).

    Question is, is this a limitation a better/different X99 board would not have? Or, if things function differently in this mobo, how do i do the math (thinking of vccio and its relation to vccsa)?

    edit: to clarify, logic dictates that it being an offset, there's a fixed value, subtracted from the VRIN total, already circulating. Problem being that none of the three temp monitors i've tried seem to locate it. Further googleing reveals that all software monitors function the same way, ie they will not show a vcssa value unless one has been put in, in the BIOS, by you. Catch 22. Seeing my offset in a monitor isn't helping if i'm not aware of the "original" value, hence my asking. Of course i'm new to all this, may well be something simple i'm missing :)
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