Can anyone tell me what changes were implemented in GA Z97M - D3h version 1.0 board. I used to be able to encode mkv or mp4 videos but after a couple of updates here and then on Windows 10.. I was unable to encode videos anymore and kinda lost track of doing it.. I have a i7 4790k CPU on water cool and 32gb ddr3 memory .. I was able to encode videos like 24/7 pc never shut off without any issues for a few years even.. afte BSOD.. I kinda tracked it down to the built in video of the Intel CPU video driver but did not know how to fix it.. I stopped encoding home recorded videos from my iphone, goPro and others... let me know what u did to fix it. I do not think it is overheating as PC is not overclocked at home and I play no games.