Hi Dear Freinds
It is three days that my new game PC is dead now, I went to BIOS to active Amin password and after saving, the PC went to a on and off loop, searched the web and found a solution on this forum, closing contacts on pins 4 and 7 on mainbios at power, which it finally worked, when I disconnected the power cable from PC after shutdwown and reconnect it, the PC is totally dead.
Removed the main BIOS chip and connected it to a CH341A USB programmer, it detect it as MX 25L6405 chip then I tried to program it, it reports that the BIOS file does not match the chip.
I did more research found out that CH341 can not program this chip and instead I ordered SOFi SP-8 programmer, it will arrive hopefully a month from now. I like to know if there is a way to blind update BIOS file to this dead motherboard. My Mobo is under warranty but since I have played with the BIOS chip I should pay! I am a tech support person my self. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance