Hi, I have a machine with Z170-HD3P, I went to BIOS and added ADMIN password, saved, exited then machine went to on&off boot loop, searched this forum and used the trick to short pins 5&6 and 4&7 the machine came back to life but when I turned it off and removed the power cable, next power on again on&off boot loop, shorting pins 1&7 and 4&7 stops the continuous on&off but no bios data loads and no peripherals are detected. I removed the main BIOS chip and used a CH341A USB BIOS programmer but unfortunately CH341 does not support "25L6473E" bios chip on this motherboard, I ordered another USB BIOS programmer (SOFi SP-8), but it will arrive in a month. I need to know if any one can help to blind upload BIOS file to this motherboard. Any help is extremely appreciated.