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Thread: X5460 @ 4.34GHz is possible on a P45 chipset?

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    Question Is it possible to overclock a x5460 to 4.34GHz on a P45 chipset?

    Hello everyone.

    I recently bought a Gigabyte EP45T-DS3R motherboard for cheap just to overclock my old Q9550 for fun. It's now working fine at 3.89GHz (8.5 x FSB 457). The reason for the FSB 457 is because it is one of the JEDECs of my memory, that has timings 6-6-6-17 (4x2GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G).

    But as I'm sure all of you know, overclocking is addictive! LoL So, now I'm considering to mod the bios of the motherboard and to replace the Q9550 with a X5460!! I'm wondering if I'll be able to get it to work at 4.34GHz (9.5 * FSB 457) with the same memory configuration. I do think I will, but results present at the Hwbot link below,

    Intel Xeon X5460 @ HWBOT,

    indicate the X5460 will only work stable up to 4.00GHz. Do you think I'll succeed on this little project of mine? And if I indeed succeed, how long do you think my motherboard will survive to settings like these on a well aired pc case:

    - CPU PLL 1.71V (stock 1.50V)
    - CPU Termination 1.34V (stock 1.20V)
    - CPU Vcore 1.3755V (stock 1.2375V)
    - MCH Core - 1.34V (stock 1.10V)

    Source for them: OverClock X5460 on EP45-UD3P.

    Although the mobo and the processor are old, I don't like to kill hardware, no matter what.

    The settings I'm using now for my Q9550 @ 3.89GHz are:

    - CPU PLL 1.57V (stock 1.50V)
    - CPU Termination 1.28V (stock 1.20V)
    - CPU Vcore 1.3250V (stock around 1.1250V)
    - MCH Core - 1.28V (stock 1.10V)

    I don't recollect the GTL and MCH references but they probably are 0.8125V (63.5% of VTT) and 0.8575V (67.0% of MCH), respectively.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

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