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Thread: Gigabyte z170 UD5: Question about Voltage Spikes/Offset

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    Default Gigabyte z170 UD5: Question about Voltage Spikes/Offset

    Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my post people. First off here are my system specs.

    - i5 6600k @ 4.4ghz
    - Gigabyte z170 UD5
    - Corsair LPX 3000 RAM 15-15-17-35 @ 1.35v
    - Corsair Rm850i PSU @ 850w
    - Evga Gtx 1070 FTW Edition with no OC other than factory.
    - Corsair H100i Cooler in push/pull setup

    Anyway i was wondering about voltage in the offset or adaptive mode on this board. I'm not sure what Gigabyte calls it but it seems adaptive to me. I set the vcore on normal and set dvid to 0.00v to get my base voltage which was 1.210v. so i then added +0.030 to give me 1.240v. Everything is stable at this voltage and i have all power saving features turned on also. i have my ring core or uncore at 4.3ghz. So here's my question.

    When i'm stressing testing with prime 95 v26.6. I noticed the voltage will be close to what i set 1.240v but then it it will spike up to 1.272v-1.284v and if i run Intel Burn Test it will stay at 1.284v. i do have LLC set to High and i'm wondering if this is normal when in offset or whatever Gigabyte wants to call it? i figured with LLC on High it would help minimize spikes, but maybe that is how it works in offset mode.*shrug

    I also tried to bump my offset up to bring me up to 1.284v or close to it. i thought maybe it was spiking up because it wanted that extra voltage but it was still jumping from 1.284v to 1.32v give or take @ 4.4ghz. *shrug

    I do like that low idle when i'm not doing anything demanding. Just wondering if this is normal or something wrong with my board maybe. Also i'm running latest Bios F22 if that matters. If anyone needs any information i may have left out, let me know. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Gigabyte z170 UD5: Question about Voltage Spikes/Offset

    The voltage when running Dynamic DVID will go up and down with varying loads like prime95 V28.10. Dynamic DVID adjusts to CPU load, temperature, and clock speed. SVID is on ASUS and is the same as DVID on Gigabyte, they both work off VID in the CPU.

    Serial Voltage Identification "SVID": A few generations back, Intel introduced serial voltage identification (SVID) which is a protocol the CPU uses to communicate with the voltage regulator. The power control unit inside the CPU uses SVID to communicate with the PWM controller that controls the voltage regulator. This allows the CPU to pick its optimum voltage depending on current conditions (temperature, frequency, load, etc.). You can actually use a combination of SVID and LLC to get an optimal VCore instead of manually setting it. If you start your system without making any changes, your VID (which some refer to as the stock voltage) might be 1.25v, but if you lower your CPU multiplier and restart, you will find your VID has dropped automatically. The reverse happens if you increase your clock and do not set any VCore. Intel's latest CPUs are able to pick their own voltage, and this comes into play if you want to utilize "offset" / "adaptive" voltage. The good news is that if you come from Haswell, you should look forward to a CPU that has the same or better durability.

    Read more: TweakTown's Ultimate Intel Skylake Overclocking Guide
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