I have a GA-X58A-UD3R using the 5 03/11/2010 bios and would like to enable wake-on-lan. I believe this is the bios setting "PME Event Wake Up". The OS is Ubuntu Zesty 17.04 and I've enabled wakeup on wifi as specified in the first answer to wakeonlan - How to enable Wake On Lan (WOL) in Ubuntu 16.04 - Ask Ubuntu using the MAC address of the wifi connector reported by iwconfig and the subnet broadcast IP address i.e. .

To wake it up, I'm using the OSX utility wakeonlan to send a wakeup packet to <broadcast IP>:7 from a Mac transmitting through a VPN using:
wakeonlan -i <broadcast IP> -p 7 <wifi MAC address>

That may be a bit more detail than one person can handle, but if anyone knows whether the motherboard reliably supports wake-on-lan it would help to narrow the possibilities.