You guys at Gigabyte need to pull BIOS version F22 from your website. This will brick users/customers GA-X99-SOC Force motherboards.

F22 has been recently added on 2017/06/22 to Gigabyte offical website for the Gigabyte GA-X99-SOC Force (rev. 1.0). Best removed it before others end up with same problem.

Only F20 will work. Beta version F22h will work too, which I have been running for awhile now in the past.

GA-X99-SOC Force (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE

Only way I could get the system to even go pass code 55, was to put F20 on an USB drive and let it backwards update, through the last ditch recovery method.

Once backwards to F20, I then attempt to reflash again to F22, this bricked the motherboard again. I attempt to flash via USB recovery mode (no RAM installed), this also bricked the motherboard, same code 55 error (does not matter is RAM is install or not, code 55 regardless).

For the record, I disconnected every device from the motherboard, all SATA and USB, used different RAM etc, spend many hours attemping to find out what the problem is.

Also should this matter, BIOS version F20 is named "X99SOCF.F20" and BIOS version F22 is named "X99SF.F22" without the "OC" in the middle. All other BIOS have OC in the BIOS bin name, whereas F22 has not, is it possible the incorrect BIOS version has been uploaded to the Gigabyte website?