Killer Control Center 64-bit

This is a new networking suite from killernetworking. The Z97X - Gaming 5 has the e2200 networking chip onboard which this networking suite is compataible with. I've never actually installed the suite as I read the advice against it. I've been using the bare driver. If I look in the device manager my driver is 05/02/2016

This package does not unzip readily. I started the install process, and found the temp files. So the package is called KillerPerformanceSuite_1.3.1350_Win7_Win81_Win10_x 64, and in the temp files was a file Killer Performance Suite.msi 86Mb. I used 7zip to extract this and in this folder "Killer Performance Suite\Data1" I found (data1 was extracted from
2. e2xw7x64.inf
3. e2xw7x64.sys

I knew what I was looking for since I had the previous drivers extracted similarly (except they were in a clear folder (mb_driver_lan_bigfoot\Bigfoot_Killer\Drivers\Prod uction\Windows7-x64\ke2200w7).

The problem is that I believe these drivers found in the newly extracted Killer Performance Suite.msi 86Mb, to be the same drivers that I have installed already.

An extract from the inf file:

;************************************************* ****************************
;* E2xw7x64.INF - Killer E2X00 Series PCI-E Ethernet Controller
;* Copyright 2015 - Rivet Networks, LLC.
;* INF File for NDIS6.2 Miniport Driver for Windows7 x64
;************************************************* ****************************
Signature = "$Windows NT$"
Class = Net
ClassGUID = {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Provider = %RIVET%
CatalogFile =

So if you notice DriverVer is identical to the installed driver which I put in my first paragraph.

Do you agree that it is the same driver and will you be installing the whole suite anyway?