Heya, so around 3 months ago I bought rx 460 gpu for a new pc, everything was going fine playing league of legends and dark souls 2 for about 1-1.5 months which is when i was playing dark souls then noticed a drop in fps for a little while followed by a crash, the monitor would go black for a moment then blue and say somethin like "HDMI no signal" So i restarted the PC and got back on dark souls only for it to crash again 7 minutes later, not this has been going on for more than a month and I am quite certain it is not a software problem because i have tried reinstalling windows and all gpu and motherboard drivers, it is also not a problem with overheating, i ran prime95 tests which all proved so. So i didnt have much of a choice other than to contact GIGABYTE, they asked for the BIOS ver and when i checked it, it said "BIOS Information xxx-xxx-xxx" aka null tried reinstalling drivers but it stayed as that.

So by any chance does anyone know something I can try?

I bought the gpu from an online shop called "gear-up.me" so if it was a faulty GPU which is what I think it is, would they replace it?