Motherboard: Gigabyte X79-UD3
Processor: Intel Core I7 3960x

So I "Upgraded" to the F20 BIOS, and now find there's no more 3D BIOS, and I can't even change the CPU frequency anymore.. (Yes I should have checked first,). I would like to go back. I think I was on F8-F10 before, but no way of knowing unless I saw the change notes.

However on the Gigabyte support page, only the F16 and F20 BIOS versions are now listed. Where can I get the previous files? (Pref with change notes if available).

I tried doing the power switch trick to force it to flash from the backup BIOS, but it seems the backup BIOS is now F20 as well! (@BIOS updated both? I'll not use that in future..).

It would be really handy if previous versions were listed, especially when changes such as not being able to change the frequency anymore are apparent in newer versions. Also what if there were stability problems?

I see threads listed with loads of beta / modified BIOS, but I just want the stable, formally released originals, just the previous versions.