Until just maybe 2 weeks ago my Boot UP Time was pretty Zippy, nothing for me to complain about anyway. NOT now and I believe this rotten development happened my first Boot Up after I had done my Cloning of my "C" Drive to my External HD. That morning when I started it up, I FREAKED, got a Black Screen telling me something about unable to load the BIOS....I think it gave me 2-3 Options of what to do but I don't remember which one I chose, whatever it was, it then booted up. But I think every since then this scary slow boot up has been with me.

I tried the Gigabyte FAST Boot APP but it did nothing to help. I have now turned OFF almost everything that used to startup at boot....did nothing to improve speed of boot up either.

PLEASE advise if you can on what/how to solve this Problem?

Thank YOU, michael