After upgrading BIOS version with the Windows app 'Update from Server', the computer it's in an infinite loop reset. The motherboard is GA-Z170X-UD3

I think the BIOS it's corrupted or deleted. At power on, no beep, no picture on the screen, nothing. Just and endless loop reset with the black screen.

I think the only solution it's force the backup BIOS to copy the main BIOS.

I've tried several methods... Press power button, power button+reset button, remove the battery, leave several resets without do anything (10 minutes), key combination, USB with the last BIOS stable version...
Without exit.

The last try it's to short two M_BIOS pins. I have seen several pins combinations.
My question is: I have to short pins: 1&6, 5&6 or 4&7? Could anybody confirm me which is the pin layout with an image or pin schema?

Best regards.