Hi all Im hoping somebody here can help revive this motherboard im no newbie but not expert in some matters ether...

I have owned GA-F2A88X-D3H from new it has latest F7 Bios, 750W PSU, A4 APU and 2 x 4Gb DDR3. Yesterday upgraded GPU's from 2 x RX560 to 2 x RX580 and maybe did a rookie mistake regarding only having 750W PSU but thought it would be enough to scrape by if not a bit close to the line as only have A4 APU think its 45W and one HDD plus the two GPU's.

. On first boot everything was fine and booted into ubuntu ok but one GPU was not working right so rebooted but from this point was unable to post just getting I think 8 long beeps and some shorter ones which has happened in the past and simply removing GPU sorts it out. So removed the new GPU's (RX580) and put in one of the older RX560 but still no post. Next step I removed cmos battery and shorted the bios clr jumper for good measure and left it for half hour but no change and even leaving it over night no go.

Starting to get worried I have fragged the mobo so I plugged in my q code analyser card and found post stuck at code 79 which according to the following link is - CSM initialization started. FAQ - LED Error Codes | GIGABYTE USA Forum

So at this point im wondering if there is hardware fault on the mobo or maybe the main bios has corrupted so performed the operation to boot from backup bios which is hold power and reset for ten seconds. This works and the mobo posts and video is output from a crappy old nvidia GPU i keep around for testing and the mobo goes straight into Qflash mode but the Qflash screen remains empty with just the Qflash header at the top of the screen and a mouse curser that works for a second then freezes and the system powercycles after a second or two booting back with main bios, no post stuck at Code 79. I cannot enter Qflash utility to attempt manual flash :-(

After some searching I found the option to short the main bios chip pins 1-6 to attempt an auto recover from the backup bios so tried that but same result as booting from backup bios above could backup and main bios have corrupted due to inadequate system power?? (my gut feeling is no)

Seems a bit odd a GPU power issue could knacker both bios chips im worrying there may now be hardware fault in common with both bios chips or somethng else but this is where im now stuck.. If you can help save this mobo I would appreciate it the next task is to find another psu and test that out as a remote chance but the 750W used so far seems to test ok using a voltage tester gadget.