Hi folks some help to restore a brick please.

Got GA-F2A88X-D3H with 1000W PSU, 2 x 4Gb Ram, 2 x RX580 and A8 APU, bios is latest F7 and has been working ok a few years now but after attempting GPU upgrade at weekend now no post stuck at Q code 79 :-(

Have tried everything to find any faulty component, unplugged everything including ram and APU out in every combination, cmos cleared batt out and jumper shorted and left over night still no go.

Can get to Qflash screen using backup bios but it quickly power cycles after a few seconds so not apparently able to reflash. My gut feeling is a hardware fault on the mobo cant see how both bios chips get done at same time.

Can you help save this brick not sure if have Mobo damage due to under powered or just corrupted bios chips M and B??

As a side note never been able to get this mobo to output onbaord APU video always needed GPU but never had a no post situation like this before shame nice mobo...