HI, I have a 1GHz modem that tests out around 700 to 800 mbps on a win 7 gammer its been rock solid .. than a few days ago i was lagging hard so I did a test & it will now ,after the first spike of around 200 mbps settle to about 60 mbps & thats where it stays .. so it went from working great to only getting around 10% of the bandwidth ..
I have the Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller ..
So far I have updated driver , reset to default TCP/ip threw command prompts , checked/adjusted the advanced setting for the nic card to many suggested settings , disabled the nic card ,reboot ,re enable ..
I have searched everywhere and tried alot of fix's but nothing has fixed it ..
I have hard wired right to the modem ,changed cables , .. If i plug my lap top into the exact same cable coming from the modem the lap tops goes to 600+ mbps so its not the modem .. I have not done a fresh windows install yet ..if it comes to that I'm just upgrading to win 10 ! but my fear is if the nic card is damaged or not working properly I will have the same issues with another OS .. ?

Its like windows is throttling my net speeds ..
Any Ideas ?
Thanks in advance