I built my first pc all want great till I want to play games it just hard shuts down after a little bit of playing I have to flip the power switch
on the psu
off and on to get the computer to start back up. so I thought it overheating but no everything is 60's to 70's. so I stress tested cpu, gpu, and ram all want great cant get it to shutdown like in games. all my drivers are up to date I tried a fresh wipe and still ending up with same problem. one thing I thought was weird was my cpu voltage was crazy at auto going all over the place over 1.5 at stock 3.6 so im thinking motherboard but I got it running stable on stress tests at 3.9 at 1.32 running cool. or maybe the psu I just don't know all the parts are new but the gpu
my pc
aorus x370 gaming k7
ryzen 1800x
cooler master masterliquid lc240e rgb
gskills 3200 16gb 14 14 14
wd blue 3d nand 500gb m.2
Seagate 2tb firecuba gaming sshd
evga 600 b1 80+ bronze