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Thread: gigabyte h370 issues

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    Default gigabyte h370 issues

    When rebooting PC the red light cpu post would be on while the pc was on. OS booted correctly. And GPU fan can be heard loudly while playing wow.

    If i turn on the PC while its off no red lights or the fan going crazy.

    Steps taken: Cleared CMOS
    Reverted to F3 Bios issue was still happening. Then it started happening while turning on fresh. Went back to f4 and the issue persisted also while turning on the PC. Then after a while the red light did not come on when turning on. But still persists on reboot.
    Devices disconnected for troubleshooting:
    dvd drive= issue persists
    GPU= issue persists
    El gato capture card= issue persist
    Sata drives= Issue persists

    Used 2 diferent Power Supplies an old one and brand new one issue persists

    Replaced CPU Fan = issue persists

    steps left to take: re insert cpu
    place ddr 4 ram on another slot.

    Windows 10 Professional Latest Version
    Intel I5 8500
    H370 HD3
    8 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4
    EVGA 970 SC
    EVGA Power supply 850 watts
    120 gb ssd
    1 TB hard drive
    1 DVD Drive
    Drivers up to date
    Bios= F4

    I might post a video on youtube regarding this problem so you can see what i'm talking about.

    Ok i did some more further trouble shooting. The fan issue is not the cpu but it was related to the software from evga. In other words the fans from the gpu not the cpu. the red cpu light does still come on on reboot tho. What is weird is that the gpu fan output only happens when the red light for the cpu is on. So i change my perspective on the problem but i wish i can find a complete solution. Will update further as i keep brainstorming my way through this.

    As I went trough trouble shooting I moved my ram to other slots, I have 2 ram slots that causes reboot loop. While 2 other slots the ram works fine and it boots into the operating system.

    Any help is appreciated I just built this pc.
    My build:

    gigabyte h370 issues-img_20180910_155934-jpg

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    Default Re: gigabyte h370 issues

    Update: GIGABYTE's advice is to replace the motherboard to see if it fixes the issue, because it's either the mobo or the CPU. Will update more if needed. Will get replacement on Thursday. Loving amazon and if everything works after the better. I just don't get why the CPU red light turns on after a restart and stays solid but everything is working fine.

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