Hi there,
I've recently put a RX580 into my EX58-UD5 system (i7 920 CPU), and I now find that the system frequently powers off ungracefully when I leave the computer for an extended time. It powers back up OK, but I want to address the behavior!

I didn't have this trouble prior to changing out the GPU. Previously I had a GTX460. Power draw of the old GPU was higher than the new one, so I don't think I've got a PSU issue. I also don't see any misbehavior when gaming, further ruling out PSU trouble. My system is set to sleep the display after 20 minutes and never sleep the rest of the PC (I found that my system wouldn't always wake gracefully ever since I built it...that's another story).

My BIOS is F13 (the current version). I'm running the most current drivers recommended by Radeon.

Any ideas what I should look into to stop my system from shutting down when it shouldn't?