Hi All.
I am a long time Gigabyte fan and would like to know if the 470 chipset boards will support Windows 7 with jumping through the appropriate hoops. I typically buy in the middle of the pack since I don't game. I also try to buy something overclockers like because once i set up my system I really don't want to do anything more to it than make an image every once in a while. I like sturdy and reliable! Not really an overclocker per se.

Anyway, I know Windows 7 is not "supported" but that is okay. I love Windows 7 and although I will migrate to Windows 10 on this board it will take me a while to research all the ins and outs of 10 and I want to run 7 as long as I can. Photoshop, some music ripping and later maybe some folding. Any suggestions are appreciated. I don't mind having a 370 board but figured I might as well go as far as I can while I'm spending my money.

Thanks for your help!