Hi guys,
i need your opinion about a problem. Yesterday I added 2 new sticks of RAM getting no POST: all the fans were working but the DRAM led was on with red light; because of usually PC takes few seconds to POST, i've immediately thought about a problem and turned PC off. So I removed the new sticks and try to POST again getting the same thing: this time i waited little more (about 5-8 seconds i think) and i heard hard disks working; then the speaker beeped and the system POST, DRAM led turned off and OS was loaded.
Then i reseated the new RAM and again got DRAM led on and no video signal: waited for few seconds and everything started to work. I checked BIOS and windows events and no error was found: all 32 GB of ram were recognized by windows in DUAL CHANNEL (as CPU-Z swhowed).
All the sticks are 4x8 GB Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-19200.

I tried to reboot and turning PC off-on few times, but this time system POST immediately so i'm little confused: is it possible that every time you remove/reseat ram BIOS needs 5-10 seconds to initialize memory? Just a little worried about motherboard DRAM red led, not a good sign: moreover i don't remember if i got the same behavior when i built PC months ago, placing former 2 ram sticks.

Thank you very much